Werewolf Protector - Cobalt

Werewolf Protector - Mated to a Vampire? - New series! Werewolf Cobalt is mated to a vampire? And what's with the sparkly unicorn tattoo?

Werewolf Protector Tucks You Into Bed - After a long day, Cobalt, the werewolf, tucks you in and he reads you a bedtime story.

Werewolf Protector - Mage Strike Again - You warn your demon daddy of the mysterious mage weapon.

Werewolf Protector Tucks You In - The werewolf and protector, Cobalt, tucks you into bed and tells you a bedtime story.

Werewolf Protector Takes You Out For a Day Of Fun - You complain that you’re bored so your werewolf friend (aka demon daddy), takes you to the Renaissance Fair for a day of fun!

Werewolf Protector - Campfire, Cocoa and Good Company - You're sitting around a campfire drinking hot cocoa and roasting marshmallows with werewolf Cobalt and the vampire healer.

Werewolf Protector Attends the Monster Party - Visit with all the original magical favorites - The Arrogant Vampire, the Werewolf, The Were-Dragon, The Sarcastic Vampire, Spark and the Healer at the Monster Party.

Werewolf Protector - Friendsgiving - In this unscheduled bonus track, visit with the whole gang while they play cards and charades and bicker like only good friends can do.

Werewolf Protector Ball Drop Wedding - Arrogant Vampire, Sarcastic Vampire, Tsundere Were-Dragon and the Werewolf tie the knot with their special someone as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve under the magical aurora borealis.

Werewolf Protector Guest Stars in Sarcastic Vampire's Surrounded by Danger - On a picnic in the woods with you, the werewolf and Spark, the sarcastic vampire ends up cut off from help and surrounded by danger.

Werewolf Protector Protects You From the Vampire Prince - The Vampire Prince decides to take your blood to determine if you're a threat to his people. Your werewolf guardian protects you.

Werewolf Protector Don't Call Me Baby - You're super excited! It's game night and HE'S coming over.

Werewolf Protector - Overprotective Werewolf/Demon Daddy - You sneak away from your overprotective werewolf guardian to go on a date with your vampire boyfriend.

Werewolf Protector Gives You a Birds & the Bees Talk - Since you've been dating the Vampire Prince for a while now, your overprotective werewolf guardian decides he better tell you about the birds and the bees.

Werewolf Protector Attends the Summer Solstice Party - Werewolf, Vampires, Weredragons, Fae and more all get together to celebrate the summer solstice, play a little poker, shoot the breeze and discuss mating.

Werewolf Protector Tells you a Spooky Story to Help You Rest - When you're not feeling well, Cobalt, Your Werewolf Protector, reads you a spooky story sitting by the fireplace.

Vampires, a werewolf, a were-dragon and a demon decide to cook a Thanksgiving dinner the old fashioned way... What could possibly go wrong?

Join The Werewolf Protector, The Healer and all their friends at the annual Winter Bash.