Tsundere Were-Dragon - Sebastian

Tsundere Were-Dragon Comforts You During a Storm - Out in the woods alone, you stumble upon a wounded Were-Dragon. Since your camp has been washed away in the storm, he takes you back to his lair and cares for you. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon Receives Comfort - An injured Tsundere Were-Dragon has taken you back to his cave during a storm. The next morning, you venture out to find plants to help his injured wing. He doesn't want to accept help, but eventually you wear him down. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon Gets Romantic - Sabastian the Tsundere Were-Dragon takes you to his special place on the other side of the mountain and gets romantic. This audio was removed due to new YouTube guidelines.

Tsundere Were-Dragon Shares a Traumatic Secret - Triggers - memories of childhood trauma/abuse

Sebastian shares how he discovered his dragon side and in turn learns a secret about you. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon Asks You Not To Leave - Sebastian is very unsettled from the recent turn of events. When you decide it's time to leave, he swallows his pride and asks you to stay. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon Protects You From Yandere - Sebastian locates your vehicle and discovers your yandere has reached it first. This audio was removed due to new YouTube guidelines.

Tsundere Were-Dragon Claims His Mate - This audio was removed from my channel due to new guidelines.

Tsundere Were-Dragon Ambushed by the Yandere - The Yandere lays in wait in the cavern behind by the falls. This audio was removed due to new YouTube guidelines.

Tsundere Were-Dragon Yandere Attacks - The Yandere gains access to your mind.  This audio was removed due to new YouTube guidelines.

Tsundere Were-Dragon - Gift From the Grave - You and the Were-Dragon receive a gift from the grave.

Tsundere Were-Dragon - Yandere Strikes Again

Tsundere Were-Dragon - As the gremlin torments you, Sebastian, a tsundere were-dragon, rushes in and captures him. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon - Yandere Contract - You and the Were-Dragon finally get their chance to explain their side of the problem 

Tsundere Were-Dragon - Yandere Goes to Jail - After a frustrating experience at the magical council, you finally see the yandere in custody for his crimes. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon - Plans a Romance-The Tsundere Were-Dragon plans a romantic surprise to celebrate the yandere going to jail. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon - Loving Snuggle Time - After spending a perfect evening together, you enjoy bedtime snuggles with your Tsundere Were-Dragon. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon Goes on a Double Date with the Werewolf and His Vampire Mate This audio was removed from my channel due to new guidelines.

Tsundere Were-Dragon Meets the Wedding Dude - You buy VIP tickets to a wedding expo where the 'Wedding Dude' walks you through the process. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon - Battles the Wedding Planner for You - The Tsundere Were-Dragon battles the Wedding Dude for you. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon Group Hug - The listener convinces the Tsundere Were-Dragon to ask Cobalt, the Werewolf, for a favor. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon Sparks Fly as His Friend's Invade His Home - When "friends" invade the Tsundere Were-Dragon's home sparks start to fly. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon - Loving Snuggles - Stressed out and needing to get away you two sneak off to the mountain for some kissing and cuddles in the hot spring. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon  - The Haunted Cave - While enjoying a soak in the cave's hot spring, the tsundere were-dragon begins to hear weird sounds. Who's that trip trapping on my mountain? 

Tsundere Were-Dragon - Monster Party - Visit with all the original magical favorites - The Arrogant Vampire, the Werewolf, The Were-Dragon,  The Sarcastic Vampire, Spark and the Healer at the Monster Party. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon, Werewolf, Vampire, Were-Bear and Demon Enjoy the Holiday - In this unscheduled bonus track, visit with the whole gang while they play cards and charades and bicker like only good friends can do. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon Bake Cookies with You - You want to do something fun so you talk your Tsundere Were-Dragon into baking cookies. Being the brat you are, you break all the rules and make him crazy. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon Helps You Relax and Unwind - Since you're super stressed, your were-dragon gives you a hot rock massage and helps you unwind. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon's Ball Drop Wedding - Arrogant Vampire, Sarcastic Vampire, Tsundere Were-Dragon and  the Werewolf tie the knot with their special someone as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve under the magical aurora borealis. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon - St. Patrick's Day Special - In this unscheduled bonus track, there's been a jail break. You and the Tsundere Were-Dragon team up with a special guest to recapture the gremlin. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon Needs a Hug - Tsundere Were-Dragon is feeling insecure and needs your hugs and reassurance. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon Enjoys a Summer Solstice Party - Werewolf, Vampires, Weredragons, Fae and more all get together to celebrate the summer solstice, play a little poker,  shoot the breeze and discuss mating. 

Tsundere Were-Dragon Needs Tender Loving Care - While sick, the Tsundere Were-Dragon needs some tender loving care from you. 

Vampires, a werewolf, a were-dragon and a demon decide to cook a Thanksgiving dinner the old fashioned way... What could possibly go wrong? 

Join The Werewolf Protector, The Healer and all their friends at the annual Winter Bash. 

You give Sebastian, The Tsundere Were-Dragon, a surprise gift and things get decidedly romantic.

This is a short segment of an 18+ minute Patreon exclusive audio. 

You and The Sebastian, The Tsundere Were-Dragon, try out a recipe in the restaurant kitchen and heat things up a bit.