Bad Boi-Kyrian

Tsundere Bad Boi Sarcastic and Unrepentant - You help this Tsundere Bad Boi Demon learn how to live with his powers leashed. Stay tuned till the end - there's a twist. 

Tsundere Bad Boi invites you to share his room - After hustling some humans out of some cash, the Tsundere Bad Boi Demon decides to rent a hotel room and invites you to join him. 

Tsundere Bad Boi's First Kiss - Tsundere Bad Boi Demon tries to push you away after he has a disturbing nightmare, but you steal a kiss. A simple peck on the cheek quickly turns into something all together different. 

Tsundere Bad Boi's Time Is Running Out - After getting thrown out of the hotel room, you discover time is running out for the tsundere bad boi demon. 

Tsundere Bad Boi Saves You - The Tsundere Bad Boi gives up hope and storms out. You rush after him, but encounter your enemies instead. When  Bad Boi finds you, it's too late... Or is it?

Trigger - This is an emotionally charged audio. Strong language. Life, death, and love. 

Tsundere Bad Boi Heated with Emotion - This audio was removed from my channel due to new guidelines.

At Home Alone with the Tsundere Bad Boi - After arriving at your home, the Tsundere Bad Boi discovers a new purpose. He stands up for you and vows to always protect you and those you love. 

Tsundere Bad Boi Your Safety My Rules - You go against the Tsundere Bad Boi's advice, but he backs your play as long as you understand that in regards to your safety, you will obey his rules. 

Tsundere Bad Boi Turns Protector - Bad Boi protects you as you take on a dangerous job against the magical tribunal. 

Tsundere Bad Boi Saves You Again... Your bad boi comes to your rescue once again as you step into danger to save a friend’s son. 

Tsundere Bad Boi Shows You His Love - This audio was removed from my channel due to new guidelines.

Your previous attempt to unveil the conspiracy almost ended in disaster. You and The Bad Boi need to come at the problem from a different angle. But what does that look like? 

Kyrian, the Tsundere Bad Boi, refuses to go along with your initial plan because of the danger, but with the help of an old friend, and a lot of hard work, you seem to finally be getting close to the truth. 

You make a discovery about the Bad Boi's friend, Race, that upsets you. While working through it with him, you reveal a bit more than you should and he decides to save you from yourself. 

You and Kyrian, The Bad Boi, get a visit from Teague, the tribunal justice. He is furious and wants answers. Afterward, you drop a bombshell about your relationship with Kyrian. 

You and Kyrian, The Bad Boi, are fighting against time to pull off a daring rescue. 

You are summoned by The Ancient One and Kyrian, The Bad Boi, insists he come too. Some questions are answered, but others remain... 

While adjusting to your new powers, you and Kyrian, The Bad Boi, discover an interesting side effect.