Tsundere Werewolf

The Tsundere Werewolf Flirts wiith you. The pack has disappeared. All that's left are two wolf pups. It's up to you and Jeremy to figure out what's going on. 

The Tsundere Werewolf entices you to take a walk on the wild side. 

The Tsundere Werewolf - First Kiss - Unscheduled Bonus Track The Tsundere Werewolf leaves the twins with a friend of his while he takes you out into the woods alone. 

The Tsundere Werewolf Gets Jealous - Sarge, a bodyguard, werewolf friend of Moon Doggie's that was brought in to help find the pack, starts flirting with you and the Tsundere Werewolf loses his mind over it. 

Tsundere Werewolf takes charge and gives you hot kiss after hot kiss. 

Tsundere Werewolf Takes Charge Preview - This audio was removed from my channel due to new guidelines.

The Tsundere Werewolf - Mated!

After a carefree night of rowdy fun, the Fates take matters into their own hands. 

The Tsundere Werewolf - Mated, Now What?

He brings out a part of you, you never knew existed. You're not even sure you like him and you're mated! What to do now? 

The Tsundere Werewolf - Kiss Me I Need You - When the plan to save the pack goes sideways, the Tsundere Werewolf turns to you. Your kisses inspire him! 

The Tsundere Werewolf - Remind Me to Kiss You - In his search to find the pack, the Tsundere Werewolf finds himself trapped. You come to his rescue. 

The Tsundere Werewolf - Together No Matter What - Danger surrounds you on all sides, but you and the Tsundere Werewolf will see it through together no matter what. 

The Tsundere Werewolf - I'm a Lover Not a Fighter - At the showdown against the Fae, the tsundere werewolf proves there's more than one way to fight a war and with your help he may succeed in freeing the pack from the underground caves where they're imprisoned. 

Will the Tsundere Werewolf Become Leader of the Pack - After rescuing the pack from the fae, a power struggle ensues. Who comes out on top? 

The Tsundere Werewolf You Help Me Be Who I Really Am - opens up to you and you share a couple secrets of your own. 

You try to build Jeremy, the Tsundere Werewolf's confidence as he takes on the role as the new pack leader. This is an excerpt of a Patreon exclusive audio. 

Jeremy, the Tsundere Werewolf, needs your help working through a panic attack and you get answers to a few questions. 

Moondoggie comes to you and Jeremy, The Tsundere Werewolf, with a big announcement. Afterward, you have a surprise for Jeremy of your own.  

When you and Jeremy, The Tsundere Werewolf, get a surprise visitor, you work together to decide your next move. But what if you make the wrong choice? 

Jeremy, The Tsundere Werewolf, is feeling stressed out. You introduce him to a very effective relaxation technique which leads to much more.