Sarcastic Vampire - Alex

This is the very first Sarcastic Vampire audio. It was titled Vampire Puzzle and didn't have a thumbnail. This audio was removed due to new YouTube guidelines.

Sarcastic Vampire - Meets His Match or His Mate - Vampire Alexander races to discover the secret to why he can't read your mind or control you. 

Sarcastic Vampire - Mated or Cursed - The healer explains what it means to be mated and a nasty surprise lays in wait for our favorite vamp. 

Sarcastic Vampire Sleeps Over At Your Place - Alex gets caught out as the sun starts to rise and is forced to seek shelter at your place. While there, weird things start to happen. 

Sarcastic Vampire Discovers His Mate is a ??? - Alex discovers he's mated to the listener then during a traumatic event the listener shifts into their were-form. 

Sarcastic Vampire Meets the Sun - Alexander is teleported into a forest during daylight hours. 

Sarcastic Vampire Meets His Inlaws - Sarcastic Vampire is teleported to Alaska where he meets his mate's (Were-Polar Bear) parents. 

Sarcastic Vampire Showdown with Angry Momma Bear - The Sarcastic Vampire has a show down with his mother-in-law Momma Bear. 

Sarcastic Vampire - Needs Cuddle Time - Sarcastic Vampire has had a crazy couple of days and needs some cuddle time. 

Sarcastic Vampire Needs a Quiet Evening Alone With You - Age Restricted Preview This audio was removed from my channel due to new guidelines.

Sarcastic Vampire - We Need to Talk - When the vampire healer shows up on your doorstep and demands to talk, you know trouble is right around the corner. 

Sarcastic Vampire - I Love You - The Sarcastic Vampire has never known love and it takes him a while to realize what it is. 

Sarcastic Vampire Teams with Arrogant Vampire In a Fight To The Death - Sarcastic Vampire teams up with the cast from Arrogant Vampire in a fight to the death. Good versus evil. 

Sarcastic Vampire Talks Crap - As the Sarcastic Vampire prepares to take his seat on the council, he battles the haunting image of Bleak and comes to terms with his new role. 

Sarcastic Vampire Takes Care of You - You aren't feeling well and the Sarcastic Vampire takes care of you. 

Sarcastic Vampire Protects You - When you're threatened by the Vampire Prince, the Sarcastic Vampire, Alexander, protects you from an adversary with far more strength and experience. Will his love for you see him through? 

Sarcastic Vampire Joins the Wedding Party - You and the Sarcastic Vampire join the wedding party. 

Sarcastic Vampire - Adventurous Romance - Age Restricted Preview This audio was removed from my channel due to new guidelines.

Sarcastic Vampire Gets Jealous - While your working on a secret mission from the vampire Prince, Sarcastic Vampire gets jealous. 

Sarcastic Vampire Monster Party - Werewolf, Vampires and Were-Bears - Oh My! - Visit with all the original magical favorites - The Arrogant Vampire, the Werewolf, The Were-Dragon,  The Sarcastic Vampire, Spark and the Healer at the Monster Party. 

Sarcastic Vampire Joins the Friendsgiving Party - In this unscheduled bonus track, visit with the whole gang while they play cards and charades and bicker like only good friends can do. 

Sarcastic Vampire Joins the Ball Drop Wedding - Arrogant Vampire, Sarcastic Vampire, Tsundere Were-Dragon and  the Werewolf tie the knot with their special someone as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve under the magical aurora borealis. 

Sarcastic Vampire is Surrounded By Danger - On a picnic in the woods with you, the werewolf and Spark, the sarcastic vampire ends up cut off from help and surrounded by danger. 

Sarcastic Vampire Guest Stars in the Werewolf Protector Audio

Sarcastic Vampire Needs Comfort - After nearly starting a war between the vampires and the werewolves, the Sarcastic Vampire needs comfort from you. 

Sarcastic Vampire - Needs You. Now - After a long visit with the in-laws, Sarcastic Vampire, NEEDS some time alone with you. This was removed due to new YouTube guidelines.

Vampires, a werewolf, a were-dragon and a demon decide to cook a Thanksgiving dinner the old fashioned way... What could possibly go wrong? 

Join The Werewolf Protector, The Healer and all their friends at the annual Winter Bash. 

You and The Sarcastic Vampire, Alex, watch the Aurora Borealis from an igloo style cabin.

This is a short segment of a 14+ minute Patreon exclusive audio. 

Neither of you want to leave your romantic hideaway to go to the Vampire Council meeting. 

You and Alex, The Sarcastic Vampire, are hosting game night with most of the magical friend group and the snacks you prepared are a big hit, but Alex does get a little possessive. 

After a very difficult council meeting, you and Alex, The Sarcastic Vampire, relax by the fire and share ideas and more than a few secrets.