Hot Friend - Daniel Perkins

Hot Friend Comforts Yandere Victim - After being rescued from your Yandere kidnapper, Officer Perkins visits you in the hospital and learns there's far more to the story than he expected.

Hot Friend Comforts You After a Bad Dream - After having a nightmare about your time with the Yandere, you call Officer Perkins. He comforts you and gives you a very needed pep talk.

Hot Friend Helps You Deal with Upsetting News - Officer Perkins calls you and tells you the latest developments in your case.

Hot Friend Comforts You Before the Trial - You can't sleep. You've spent a wonderful day with your hot friend, but you have to stressful day tomorrow. You call him as he drives home and he helps get your mind off of things.

Hot Friend Encourages You and Comforts You - Officer Perkins has taken you out for a day of fun.

Hot Friend Encourages You - He helps take your mind off of things by working on a project with you.

Hot Friend Talks About His Love Life or the Lack There Of - You confront your hot friend, Officer Perkins, about his love life.

Hot Friend Talks About Dating - Unscheduled Bonus Track - You're having dinner with your hot friend and discussing your last date.

Hot Friend - Shut Up and Kiss Me - You get tired of waiting on your hot friend to make the first move so you take matters into your own hands.

Hot Friend - Cuddles and a Movie - Hot Friend, Daniel, pops some popcorn, puts on a movie, and cuddles with you on the couch.

Hot Friend - Cozy Evening Cuddling by a Fire With Your Hot Friend - Spend a cozy evening fire side with your friend. Enjoy a cup of cocoa while you discuss going on a sleigh ride and plan other dates.

Hot Friend Pillow Talk - After spending a wonderful night together, you cuddle together before spending the morning learning how to make a southern breakfast.

Hot Friend Takes You on a Romantic Camping Trip - To escape the heat of the city you and your hot friend go on a romantic camping trip in the mountains.

You and your Hot Friend are hosting dinner for the Holiday so you try to do a practice run on dinner that does not go as expected.

Please Note: Contains the sound of a smoke alarm briefly and at reduced volume.