Were-Panther - Xander

Were-Panther - Instant Attraction Preview - A chance encounter. An adventure with a hot stranger on a remote and dangerous island. Blindfolds, treehouses, sparkling stars, what could possibly happen? This audio was removed from my channel due to new guidelines.

Were-Panther Rendezvous with Destiny - Xander the Were-Panther is reunited with the listener and they have a secret that could change both their lives. 

Were-Panther, Xander - Join the Team - After some tense moments and a bit of sarcasm, you join Xander on his mission, but what does he have in store? 

After Xander, The Were-Panther, fills you in on the details of the mission, you come up with a safeguard signal that promises to be a real pleasure to practice. 

 YouTube preview You and Xander, the Were-Panther, enjoy a romantic island holiday.

You and Xander, the Man On A Mission, go on your first op together and you encounter a spiteful demon. Your powers prove essential during questioning.