Were-Panther - Xander

Were-Panther - Instant Attraction Preview - A chance encounter. An adventure with a hot stranger on a remote and dangerous island. Blindfolds, treehouses, sparkling stars, what could possibly happen? This audio was removed from my channel due to new guidelines, but if you click on the picture, you can listen here for free.

Were-Panther Rendezvous with Destiny - Xander the Were-Panther is reunited with the listener and they have a secret that could change both their lives.

Were-Panther, Xander - Join the Team - After some tense moments and a bit of sarcasm, you join Xander on his mission, but what does he have in store?

After Xander, The Were-Panther, fills you in on the details of the mission, you come up with a safeguard signal that promises to be a real pleasure to practice.

YouTube preview You and Xander, the Were-Panther, enjoy a romantic island holiday.