The Atlantean - Apollo

The Atlantean Rescues You - The Atlantean finds you washed up on the beach of his island. You're injured and have no memory of who you are or how you got there. 

The Atlantean Cooks With You - After washing up on the beach of an island owned by the Atlantean, he brings you into his home , cares for you, gives you fresh clothes, and cooks dinner with you.

The Atlantean Takes You On a Midnight Stroll Along His Beach-When you can't sleep the Atlantean takes you for a midnight stroll along his beach. In hopes of helping you remember your past he attempts hypnosis. 

The Atlantean - Hot Romance on a Moonlit Beach Preview - This audio was removed from my channel due to new guidelines.

The Atlantean Proves His Immortality - While the Atlantean shares his secrets of Atlantis, he proves his immortality beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

Your Hot Atlantean Boyfriend Needs You - Your hot Atlantean boyfriend is in a deadly race against his mortal enemy and nature itself and he needs your help desperately. 

The Atlantean Claims You Preview - This audio was removed from my channel due to new guidelines.

The Atlantean Comforts You During a Storm - You and the Atlantean cuddle by a fire while a storm rages outside. 

The Atlantean - Atlantis Found!

After the barrage from the Atlantean's mortal enemy, Apollo and the listener discover Atlantis! 

Atlantean - Merge With Me - To save the Atlantean, you must convince him to merge with you. Now that Atlantis has been discovered, he's ready to risk everything to explore the ruins for survivors. 

The Atlantean Let Me Take Care Of You - Psychic backlash has left you with a terrible headache and the Atlantean takes care of you.

The Atlantean Connection With A Kiss - You and Apollo make a deep connection and get closer to discovering the true mystery of Atlantis. 

Sexy Atlantean Cooks Up a Plan - Things are heating up in the kitchen when you and the sexy Atlantean get closer to discovering the secrets of Atlantis. 

The Atlantean No Peeking - You spend a playful evening preparing dinner with The Atlantean. After romantic horseplay and a delicious meal, you both make a discovery.

After a narrow escape from Tanus, you and Apollo, the Atlantean, set up your new home base. 

You and Apollo, The Atlantean, discuss your future plans while you prepare dinner.